Come Out, Come Out, Chameleon!

This is a story you can’t help but smile at. When a sweet old man cannot seem to find his pet chameleon, his dog does his best to help him find his lovely colour-changing pet, but to no avail.

A perfect story for any animal lovers who want a new and interactive take on the picturebook medium. This book is a fun, light read for any young reader who enjoys a spot-the-difference or search-and-find book. Ideal for early readers, the text is easy to read and follow along to and would also work well with groups to and try find the chameleon together.

As well as being highly interactive and vibrantly drawn, the book also allows for the viewer to see the chameleon’s camouflage in action and helping them to visually understand the topic of how chameleons change colour. The illustrations are bold and vibrant, as each page encourages the reader to be a part of the adventure in searching for the chameleon. Some of the pages even create quite a challenge which makes it even more satisfying when you do find the chameleon.

This is a highly enjoyable picturebook that I have no doubt will cause a bucketload of laughter for any young reader who enjoys playing a game while they read.

Book Cover - Come Out, Come Out, Chameleon!
Publication Date
March 2024
Age range