Cool Engineering: Filled With Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages

There’s a world of engineering and technology at our fingertips nowadays, but can you explain how a touchscreen works, if robots can think and why diversity in engineering makes our world safer? The latest book in the Cool series does not disappoint in answering these questions and many more and is packed with fantastic facts and exciting experiments.

This book acknowledges the great engineering contributions of Archimedes and Leonardo da Vinci but readers will be delighted to see more recent developments, including the teenager who brought sustainable energy to his village and the space endeavours of Elon Musk.

The history of engineering from the wheel right up to today’s climate engineering and nanobots is outlined, while still showing how current engineering has its foundations in these ancient ideas. Jacoby ensures the reader’s connection with familiar technology is explored and enhanced with clever informative details and hands-on experiments that require little specialised equipment. The experiments often rely on items found in the recycling box, while still challenging young engineers to think, plan and redesign the engineering tasks. Venn’s art is clean-lined, with her fun and quirkiness bouncing out from the experiment pages.

Most importantly, the final third of this book shows the positive impact engineering can have on our future. Knowing the difference engineering can make for health, clean energy and saving the planet will leave readers empowered and in no doubt about how cool engineering is.

Book Cover - Cool Engineering: Filled With Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages
Publication Date
March 2021