Corpse Talk: Groundbreaking Rebels

Would you like to meet such famous people from history as George Washington, Frida Kahlo and William Wallace? Of course, the main obstacle is the fact that they are all dead. However, that’s a mere formality in this entertaining history comic where notable figures from the past rise from the grave to be interviewed by a cheery presenter.

Written and illustrated by Adam and Lisa Murphy, this is a funny and informative look at the lives of various historical figures, with a particular focus on those who challenged authority. There is a good variety of subjects from artists to warrior queens, revolutionaries to Civil Rights leaders, which keeps things interesting, with added historical detail in between. There are some unfamiliar faces among the usual suspects, introducing the reader to periods of history that they may not be familiar with in an engaging way.

This book is a collection of strips from the always sterling Phoenix Comics, and each one clearly lays out the historical context for readers. The format of the deceased icon speaking to a cheery TV interviewer prevents the book from becoming too morbid and the scripts strike a good balance between respectful and poking fun. Also, despite the presence of many walking corpses, the illustrations are fun and, while spooky, unlikely to cause nightmares.

Anyone who is a fan of history with a side in gallows humour should find something here to tickle their funny bone.

Book Cover - Corpse Talk: Groundbreaking Rebels
Publication Date
May 2019