The Crash

A terrible accident serves as a catalyst to change the lives of a group of young people. Best friends Sophie and Tye are hanging out in front of the TV when a car crashes through the window and into the room. The accident leaves Tye in a coma and Sophie struggles to find a way to bring her friend back.

In a non-linear narrative the author gradually reveals more about Gemma and Harry, the occupants of the car, and the circumstances that led to the accident, and also shows the day-to-day realities of Sophie dealing with caring for her gravely ill best friend while also discovering some intimate secrets about him. These are vividly painted, lifelike characters that readers will want to get to know. Each chapter tells the story from the viewpoint of either Sophie, who was in the room, the enigmatic Gemma, who was in the car or Issy, Sophie’s younger neighbour, a character on the periphery who desperately wants to be closer to the centre. The characters are connected by loss and feeling responsible for those closest to them.

This is a real page-turner of a book with some difficult subjects sensitively handled.

Book Cover - The Crash
Publication Date
July 2017