Cycle City

Welcome to Cycle City, where the bicycle is king of the road! The Starlight Parade is due to begin in a matter of hours, but the parade committee of pigs still have invitations to deliver and have yet to appoint a grand marshal! Follow the trail of Mayor Snail and the rest of the animals on their day as they cycle through the busy metropolis, searching for the last few people on their guest list…and somebody to lead the celebrations!

This look-and-find picturebook is perfect for young readers. On each page lively scenes of city life are presented, from the buzzing downtown streets to the busy lunch-time market. With bicycles as the go-to mode of transport, nearly every character is an animal on wheels: a monkey rides a unicycle through the park, a buffalo delivers tulips in his box bike, and an armadillo goes by on a penny-farthing. The detailed images are colourful and engrossing, while the language is simple with only two or three sentences per page. Readers are encouraged to spot various characters throughout the story, with a glossary of bicycles included to help the search!

Cycle City is a cheerful book that would be enjoyable to read with children, the city scenes offer plenty of talking points, and with only a short amount of text on each page, the main focus is the colourful illustrations that are full of detail and jam-packed with quirky creatures. An ideal way to keep little ones occupied on rainy days!

Book Cover - Cycle City
Publication Date
March 2018