Daughter of Winter and Twilight

As the adopted heir to the Edaran throne, Emri has always known there is more to her story than she has been told. As she approaches her eighteenth birthday, about to be legally recognised as heir and starting to take on more responsibility, she begins to learn more about her parents’ turbulent past and the events that led to her adoption.

But when a diplomatic visit from Melisande, her estranged cousin and childhood nemesis, reveals some unexpected truths, it threatens to tear her world apart in more ways than she could possibly imagine. Before Emri can come to terms with everything she’s discovered, the two girls are kidnapped and must put their differences aside and learn to work together to escape from the clutches of someone they always believed to be a myth – the ancient goddess Lady Winter herself –and deal with the possibility that both magic and ancient gods are returning to their world.

 Using several techniques, such as changing the font or the character focus from first person to third, the author almost seamlessly weaves several different narratives and characters into a complex yet cohesive story that is an absolute page turner. Although a sequel to the amazing Queen of Coin and Whispers, as Emri grows into and learns to accept her inherited power, while finding the strength to follow her own path, Daughter of Twilight could be read as a standalone coming-of-age novel.

About the Author
Author Headshot - Helen Corcoran
Helen Corcoran grew up in Cork, Ireland, dreaming of scheming queens and dashing lady knights. After graduating from Trinity College, Dublin, she worked as a bookseller for over a decade. She lives in Dublin, writing fantasy novels and haunting coffee shops in search of the perfect latte.
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Book Cover - Daughter of Winter and Twilight
Publication Date
September 2023