David Bowie (Little People, Big Dreams)

The Little People, Big Dreams series turns its attentions to one of the most iconic and chameleonic of rock icons – David Bowie. Ana Albero’s charming illustrations marry perfectly with Isabel Sánchez’s beautifully simple words.

The book takes the reader from Bowie’s childhood through his early years of being in a band and his breakthrough with ‘Space Oddity’. Albero’s illustrations are packed with brilliant attention to period detail in the clothes, hairstyles and architecture depicted, and the choice of a subdued colour palette  lends a pleasing retro effect to the book.  There is also a fantastic gallery of some of Bowie’s most iconic looks.

The details of Bowie’s upbringing and the development of his creative process are broken down to their purest essence here, making for an easily digested introduction to his life and work for children. The tale of Bowie’s life is a perfect illustration of the power of self-belief and the importance of  not being afraid to be an individual.

Book Cover - David Bowie (Little People, Big Dreams)
Publication Date
May 2019