A Day That's Ours

“Shall we steal a day?” So begins this beautiful, warm ode to childhood and the emotions that come with children growing up. Our unnamed father and child steal a day away from the normal rush, spending time together making a messy breakfast, walking together in the park and catching falling leaves. Their quiet calm is contrasted against the busy, rushing people in cars and on bikes.

Ideal for a child about to start school (or indeed an emotional parent experiencing the same), the poetic prose and illustrations reflect a true love story of parent and child. It’s refreshing to see a father depicted as primary carer in this book.

Illustrations by Vyara Boyadjieva are delicate, evocative and poignant, and feature plenty to keep younger eyes captivated. There are fun little details hidden on each page, including monsters, a bold cat and runaway dog. The closing illustration is particularly well placed, as we get a glimpse of the child ready for a new adventure in school. A good reminder to us all to slow down and savour the unremarkable, quiet moments spent with those we love. 

A Day Thats Ours - book cover
Publication Date
August 2022