Declan Kirby, GAA Star: Over the Bar

Over the Bar is the third book in the Declan Kirby: GAA Star series and straight away, the author's passion for the GAA is obvious. A coach himself, Egan captures the excitement of the sport and the camaraderie of the players.

For the third book, Declan has found himself on the school hurling team and must discover a way to juggle training for this new sport and football at the same time. To add to the drama, his football team’s goalkeeper is injured and Declan convinces his brother to take his place. However, a childhood illness means that Daniel shouldn’t play. What will happen if his parents find out? Two big championships. One big secret. Declan is feeling the pressure.

Any young fans of the GAA will devour the Declan Kirby books. The series is also a great choice for reluctant readers, as they are easy to read and have short chapters that keep the reader engaged and the action flowing. The culture of these sports, from training to matches, are described very  well, and the team layout for each clash is a nice touch.

As well as detailing the trials and tribulations of playing GAA, the book describes male friendship and the banter between boys in a positive and warm way. Over the Bar will appeal to those who are less interested in magic wands and are more interested in hurleys.

Declan Kirby Over the Bar Cover Image
Publication Date
March 2022