A Demon's Touch

If you are a lover of history and adventure, this is a fantastic read, the finale of a trilogy set in the late Tudor era of the 16th Century that has taken the reader on a thrilling ride from the sweep of the Ottoman Empire to Syria, Jerusalem, and Elizabethan England.

This story returns to the Ottoman Court and takes place as the world converges on a trade fair in Istanbul. The visual picture painted of smells and sights throughout is wonderful. Against this background is the menace of evil jinns and demonic possession which know no bounds.  

Among the forces for good are Will, a swordsman from Elizabethan England and Awa, a warrior from the Songhai tribe in West Africa, along with Anver, a genius of invention with a diverse personality that he uses to his full advantage and the benefit of his friends, leader, Commander Konjic and various friends from the Sultan's Palace.

The mission to unite the world with one voice is met with stubborn adversity. Different cultures, faiths, and races make wonderful friendships and link this band of followers together, always with a sprinkling of good humour as they travel on their quest. Both the mystical and the occult can be used for those on the side of good but also by those on the side of evil. Who or what will survive this adventure? This is a great read with lots of facts and crackling with energy and pace but also a warmhearted story of friendship.