Doggy Dance Off

Dog-lovers of all ages will be highly entertained by this colourful, upbeat tale, with a wide variety of tails in it! The annual Doggy Dance Off is the place to be for all the cool dogs in town.

Smallman’s clever rhyming text brings the reader through the book, eager to know what gorgeous pooch is next on the dance floor, Golden Retriever Eva is a bit of a diva, while Dynamite Doug is a very cool pug. Starling’s colourful illustrations combining hand-drawn figures and digital colouring make us feel we too are at the dance. The illustrations completely capture the essence of each character from the glorious divas to shy Lenny Labrador, who gets a bit too excited and leaves a wet patch on the floor …

This charming story is a fantastic way for young children to learn about different types of dogs. It also gently teaches the value of inclusion, as our final masked dancing guest is revealed to be a cat. After their initial shock, the cool doggies welcome the dancing cat, realising that what they have in common is more important than their differences.

Book Cover - Doggy Dance Off
Publication Date
August 2023