The Dream Book

Nina loves bedtime. At bedtime Nina can disappear into her dreams and discover fantastical creatures and places. She is regularly disappointed when she awakes to find that she cannot remember the details of her dreams. Nina mostly snoozes the night away happily but, after one particularly scary nightmare, Nina realises the power of drawing her dreams when she wakes up. It helps her to remember all that she encounters while she is sleeping. These drawings turn into her very own Dream Book where she can keep her dreams close by for a little while longer.

The Dream Book’s playful illustrations mimic Nina’s scribbles at the end of the story. They are charming crayon style creations that perfectly encapsulate Nina’s innocence as she learns more about her dreams. As often happens when dreaming, elements of Nina’s life and features from her bedroom pop up in her quirky dreams. Readers will enjoy uncovering and discussing the overlap between Nina’s world when she is awake and when she is asleep.

Another lovely feature of this book is the inclusion of some tips for grown-ups all about sleeping and dreaming and how best to support your child at bedtime.

Book Cover - The Dream Book
Publication Date
June 2023