The Dress in the Window

On the surface, this is an incredibly sweet book about a boy falling in love with a beautiful dress in a shop window. However, a deeper reading shows us a tale of unconditional love, acceptance, and the joy of being your unabashed self.

Robert Tregoning has written a wonderful rhyming story whose words lift off the page and share the young boy’s hopes and dreams of owning the titular dress in the window. It’s exceptionally refreshing to see someone write a story like this without featuring any kind of meanness or cruelty towards a boy who wants to wear a shimmering dress. Instead, the boy is loved and supported by his mother, neighbours, and friends, who all share in his smiles and watch his twirls with amazement

Pippa Curnick’s illustrations are charming and detailed pictures with cleverly hidden clues throughout the book, that will only reveal themselves on a second readthrough. The bright colours and whimsical artwork amplify the heartwarming nature of this tale superbly. Curnick has taken particular care of the red sequin dress, and every time it features on the page it (rightfully) takes centre stage.

Those who enjoyed Mr Wolf Goes to the Ball or The Boy with Flowers in his Hair will find this enjoyable tale to be an excellent addition to their shelves.

Book Cover - The Dress in the Window
Publication Date
October 2023