Eco Girl

Eve is a little girl who loves the forest near her house and all the animals and plants within it… but she especially loves the Baobab tree. When she visits her grandmother’s home she receives a special birthday present of a Baobab seed to continue the family tradition of planting a tree in the forest.

Eco Girl is a beautifully illustrated picture book that shares a love of nature through its wonderful art. Eve is a thoughtful child who, with help of her parents, considers the traits that she and trees have in common, such as patience and caring for others. These traits are discussed in a child-friendly manner, such as waiting patiently for your meal, or feeding the birds. I especially loved the concept of family tradition that carries through generations, as she plants her seed beside her father’s, who has planted his beside his mother’s before him. I’m sure readers would be inspired by this book to plant a few seeds of their own!  

At the end of the story, the author has included an assortment of tree and nature facts. These are interesting for children and adults alike, as they discuss the Green Belt Movement in Africa as well as the Baobab tree. Overall, this book is a lovely read with opportunities for children to learn about trees, nature and family.

Eco Girl - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022