Electric Life

From the outset, the title of this book proves to be an apt one. With its immersive descriptions and its steadily rising stakes, everything about this novel is electric. The story itself is not just an exciting gamer adventure, it is also a deftly crafted depiction of an unnervingly believable future in which people’s daily monitoring and reporting of one another through social media contributes to an Orwellian-style society without freewill.

The protagonist, Alara Tripp, is the classic misfit who wouldn’t be out of place in many similar gaming novels, meaning she is instantly familiar and relatable. What sets Alara and this novel apart from other similar works, however, is that Alara does not solely exist in a virtual world, as the book quickly shifts from a story concerned with a simulated quest to a story about a real-world adventure with genuine stakes. Although the motivations behind Alara’s expedition to London Under feel forced, the text is engaging enough to make you suspend your disbelief.

Despite the undeniable originality of this book, many of the names Delahaye attributes to inventions in this world can sometimes be mediocre. The lack of creativity here runs the risk of pulling the reader out of this otherwise brilliantly realised dystopian world. When all is considered, however, Electric Life has enough heart and imaginative twists to keep any reader – from fourteen to forty – wanting more.

Book Cover - Electric Life
Publication Date
July 2023