Ellie and the Fairy Door

After losing her very first tooth, Ellie places it beneath her pillow. But that night, Ellie soon finds a real fairy door in her bedroom, and meets Sean the leprechaun, who has had his crock of gold stolen. Ellie is suddenly shrunken down and whooshed into fairyland, where she finds Tooth Fairy Willow and her magical house. The trio embark on an adventure to recover the crock of gold from the thieving magpie, and it is only with Ellie’s help and kindness that the gold can be retrieved.

Readers will find themselves truly immersed in the excitement and liveliness of Ellie and her friend’s crusade. The characters are vibrant and animated, but it is Ellie who truly captures the heart of the reader, and who pulls us through every second of this story with bravery and cleverness.

Each page is simply inviting, with double-page spreads that are teeming with nature and its treasures, complete with rich scenes of life and habitat. Ellie and the Fairy Door is a wonderful and magical story any little one could fall in love with, made easy through warm and charming illustrations that bring to life Tooth Fairy Willows house, the enchanting forests, and the captivating wildlife that they meet.

About the Author
Photo - Lena Angland
Lena Angland is a mum of three from Innishannon, Co. Cork. She created the Wanderly app with the aim of using technology to encourage children to get outdoors, get active and to add wonder to everyday wanders. This is her first book.
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About the Author
Photo - Alice Taylor
Alice Taylor lives in the village of Innishannon in County Cork, in a house attached to the local supermarket and post office. Her first book, To School Through the Fields, was published in 1988. It was an immediate success and quickly became the biggest selling book ever published in Ireland. Alice has written nearly twenty books since then, largely exploring her beloved village and the ways of
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About the Illustrator
Audrey Dowling Headshot
Audrey Dowling is a French artist and illustrator living in County Kilkenny. She initially pursued a career in the fashion industry in Paris but somehow ended up in the Irish countryside. Her surroundings inspire her work, as well as folklore from all cultures, fairy tales and vintage imagery. Her universe is colourful and narrative, often praised as graceful and poetic.
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Book Cover - Ellie and the Fairy Door
Publication Date
October 2023