Everyday Action, Everyday Change: Stay Positive and Motivated in the Fight Against Racism and Prejudice

For anyone, making changes that help make the world a fairer place can feel overwhelming. Where do you even begin? Natalie and Naomi Evans, the founders of Everyday Racism have written an inspiring and invigorating book, showing children the small actions that they can take every day to help stay positive and motivated in the fight against racism and prejudice, without leaving young activists feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

The book introduces young readers to anti-racism work, explaining what racism is, where it comes from, and the everyday small actions that young people can take to combat it. This is an extremely well written book, with clear explanations, including a glossary, and an insightful commentary that would help readers of all ages to reflect on, and question, their everyday actions and how they can become empowered changemakers.

The illustrations by Kelly Malka make the book feel more like an empowering handbook that can be used as a tool. Stand-out ideas, clever strategies and self-care tips are elevated from the text with eye-catching graphics and typography, making it applicable to a wide range of readers, including those who wish to dip in and out of the text.

A book that is suitable for a wide audience including middle-grade readers and older teenagers, this is an essential read for those who unfortunately, may be experiencing prejudice and inequality and for those who want to stand up for what is right and be part of the solution. 

Book Cover - Everyday Action, Everyday Change - Stay Positive and Motivated in the Fight Against Racism and Prejudice
Publication Date
July 2023