Everything Changes

Navigating the tricky issue of parental separation/ divorce, this picture book is an invaluable resource for a child experiencing familial disruption. The text is simple yet poetic - ‘I am a snowflake in a snowstorm, spinning and twisting’ - anchoring the changes in the child’s life to the natural changes of the seasons, and with the very positive central message that although change is worrying, sometimes it is unavoidable, and happy times can still be found.

The illustrations are bold and colourful, depicting sunny beaches of summer and happiness leading into the colourful swirling leaves of Autumn, and the snow of winter, complete with hot drinks and snowdrops shooting through.

This is a wonderfully positive and upbeat book, recommended not only for children going through divorce but for all children to recognise that like the seasons, everything changes, and that the relationships of adults are never their responsibility or their worry. The child’s fears for the future are recognised as natural and expected, and are addressed and calmed. Their worry that they may have been responsible somehow are also allayed, and their desire to ‘fix’ the break-up is shown to be unnecessary, as there is nothing to fix, and it is never the job of a child to mend a broken adult in any case. ‘Just like the seasons, change can bring good things. And when you know that … everything changes.’ A strong message to all our wonderful children navigating the changes of the past two years.

Everything Changes Cover Image
Publication Date
August 2022