The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures Of Bronte Mettlestone

Despite being a relatively new publisher, Guppy Books are most definitely a publisher to note. Every book I have read from them so far has been fantastic and this latest offering is no exception.

Bronte has always lived a quiet life with her Aunt Isabelle and The Butler until one day a most unusual telegram arrives revealing her absentee parents have been killed by pirates – or rather, taken out by cannon fire. A highly unusual turn of events made all the more unusual when it is revealed that Bronte’s parents have left a strange set of instructions in their will directing Bronte on a solo journey to visit each of her paternal Aunts. With her parents’ will protected by a faery cross-stitch that would lead to disastrous consequences if broken, she is left with no choice but to follow the instructions they have left for her and set off on a most peculiar and inconvenient journey.

Inconvenient though they may be, Bronte’s adventures are a sweet whirlwind series of events populated by enchanting and hilarious characters. Smart and sensible, Bronte is a fabulous heroine who rises wonderfully to the occasion, regardless of whatever outlandish circumstances she is faced with. This is a fast-paced but gentle adventure story filled with enough wit and fantasy to warm any reader’s heart.

Charming, fun-filled and magical, a perfect read for fans of Jennifer Bell and Sinead O’Hart.

Book Cover - The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone
Publication Date
October 2019