Hidden in the hills on the outskirts of the nearby village, Selworthy, sat Fablehouse. This distance from others gave the fantastical fae an opportunity to invade, a space to amplify the magical tone. However, the setting also represents the seclusion of these young children who have been forced away from the town due to their race.

Fablehouse is a tale where legends interrupt the harsh reality of where the Roamers – Heather, Lloyd, Arlene, and Nat - live. At first glance, the title of this book promises adventure, action, and magic. Yet, Heather quickly learns of the dangers such legends entail. Heather, and the reader, soon realise that the world of magic and myth is only exciting when it is trapped between the pages of a book. When this magic and mythology is released, it brings with it its own realities and horrors.

While Fablehouse is surrounded by Fae slowly infiltrating the orphanage one human at a time, the bond between the Roamers is a beautiful spark shining amongst the green mist of the Fae. They are a merry band, a family when their own abandoned them. This element of the book was most joyous to read. Norry presented these young characters with their own agency, their own minds and will. Although they often turned to the grownups for guidance, it was refreshing to see how the group had to face adventures and horrors as a family when there was no adult figure to rely on.

Wholly recommend for those who like familiar legendary stories, fierce youth, and a wholesome family bond.

Book Cover - Fablehouse
Publication Date
June 2023