Ele Fountain is an award-winning children’s author, and her latest novel does not disappoint. At fourteen years old, Jess is going to school for the first time to meet friends that, up to this point, she’s only known in the virtual space that dominates society.

The narrative revolves around the world moving into a cyber-sphere to compensate for a lack of quality healthcare treatments, specifically antibiotics. Given the impact of the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic, readers will feel an instant resonance and be utterly gripped within the first few pages.

Elements of the author’s world are futuristic enough to cause an emotional stir within the readers, and for teenagers living in today’s world, Jess is an identifiable character, technologically savvy at a young age but hindered by restrictions within society. An air of excitement, mystery and adventure surrounds the concept of leaving home for the first time, embarking on something new, particularly at Jess’s age. Stylistically, the novel itself reflects the user-friendly, immersive online and technologically advancing world, especially in the short-burst chapters with ambiguous but reflective use of keywords used in searching for results online. Furthermore, it is written in the first person, which helps to enhance the idea of the reader going on this online journey alongside Jess and the characters that she meets along the way.

Book Cover - Fake
Publication Date
May 2022