Finding Hope

Hope is trying to find her place in the world since her mum died. It’s not easy, she misses her so much, especially because her dad has started dating someone else already and her older sisters only need each other. Taking on a worthy cause might help her to find a sense of purpose, but why will no one take her passion to avert climate change seriously?

Hope is a thoroughly likeable and quirky character, a credible, tenacious young girl persisting with her efforts to make a little difference. She displays depth, intelligence, and great empathy, as she realises that you can have more in common with your enemies than you think. Readers will be rooting for Hope as she earnestly tries to get her family and friends to understand what she needs them to do to save the planet.

This is a gem of a story that zips along with great pace. It’s full of humour with lots of well-drawn characters, particularly Hope’s sisters and classmates. The interactions between Hope and her family are often laugh-out-loud funny. Cleverly written authentic dialogue paints an endearing picture of a family trying to cope with devastating grief while getting on with life. Hope’s frustrations lead her to drastic action, prompting her family to finally take her seriously. A tense situation leads to a heartwarming, happy reunion.

An engaging and very enjoyable story about the importance of family and believing in yourself.

Book Cover - Finding Hope
Publication Date
September 2023