Finn Jones Was Here

Eric and Finn have always been best friends and a perfect match. While Eric is anxious and fearful of trying new things, Finn often bravely dives headfirst into adventure, dragging Eric along for the memories. Finn’s lively joie de vivre mean that it is difficult for Eric to process when Finn becomes ill and passes away – or has he?

At Finn’s funeral, Eric is approached by a mysterious man with a briefcase who delivers a letter from beyond the grave. Finn has set out specific instructions for Eric, sending him on a madcap scavenger hunt involving digging up his mum’s garden, ziplining away from zombies and even dying his hair pink. Accompanied by Cooper, the nerdiest boy in his class, Eric diligently carries out Finn’s wishes as he tries to find a way to keep Finn’s memory alive and learn to let him go.

In this story Simon James Green manages the impossible; he successfully deals with the topic of bereavement in a sensitive and age-appropriate way, while Jennifer Jamieson’s illustrations provide moments of levity and silliness to lift the spirits of the reader. Although at times this book broke my heart, it also really made me laugh through the tears and captured all the confusing emotions experienced when you lose someone that you care about.

An important topic expertly handled. Nothing can prepare you for the death of a friend, especially at a young age, but this funny and touching book might prove to be a comforting story for young readers who have experienced this sad loss.

Book Cover - Finn Jones Was Here
Publication Date
June 2023