Fire, Bed & Bone

A moving and heart-warming tale of a devoted dog whose loyalty and love proves that hope can be found in the darkest of times. Set in 1381, this story delves into a world ruled by an unjust feudal system where social tensions and violence rise as the Peasants’ Revolt rages through England.

The story is narrated by the loyal hunting dog of a peasant family. The dog’s owners, Comfort and Rufus, believe in equality among men, and become involved in the growing rebellion. When they are imprisoned for their radical ideas, their much-loved dog is abruptly removed from her life of comfort with fire, bed and bone. She quickly has to adapt to life in the forest, all while raising and protecting her pup, and remaining a loving and faithful support to her human family.

Despite the unrest and violence of this brutal period of history, the dog’s innocent, simplistic perspective creates a more accessible narrative for a younger audience. This novel is historical fiction at its finest. The story’s unique narrative voice presents the reader with an objective insight into 14th-century England while also injecting the history with love and humanity, bringing the past to life. It is ultimately a story that highlights the importance of family and kindness and it is sure to inspire wonder at our world’s past.

Book Cover - Fire, Bed & Bone
Publication Date
September 2018