Forever or a Day

This début picturebook from Sarah Jacoby unfolds in the form of a conversation of sorts between a narrator that might be a parent and a listener that might be a child across the length of a single day.

What does time mean to you? How do we feel it? How do we see it? Jacoby poses these questions but tellingly never offers definitive answers, preferring instead to provide the reader with intimate images of how time might be spent and made meaningful, usually through important relationships.

Jacoby’s impressionist illustrations offer a subtle and profound accompaniment to the temporal musings of the text, as images of urban and rural scenes invite the reader to participate in the life of the family depicted in the story. Rendered in soft chalks and strong paints, Jacoby’s palette ranges from soothing pastels to dynamic primary colours, as the illustration embrace the range of emotions and experiences the story attempts to relate.

Almost ethereally beautiful, yet with an impact that lingers long after the last page has been turned, this unusual picturebook will help parents everywhere to engage with the idea that time is precious because of who we spend it with.

Book Cover - Forever or a Day
Publication Date
March 2018
Age range