A Fox Called Herbert

Herbert loves foxes so much he wants to be one. But his mummy just wants him to be a good rabbit. Herbert gets into all sorts of trouble trying to turn himself into a fox and his mummy is not happy. Mummy finally realises that the best way to support her little one is to let him be himself. And if that means living with a fox, then so be it.

In A Fox Called Herbert, author–illustrator Margaret Sturton brings to life a story of compassion, understanding and acceptance. She introduces in a very simple way the concept of someone who feels very different inside to how they appear. Sturton’s illustrations are lively and beautiful, with just the right amount of detail. The backgrounds are interesting without being distracting and offer new little discoveries with each reading. On the surface, this is a delightful story about a rabbit who wants to be a fox. It is up to the reader to decide whether to leave it at that or to scratch beneath the surface and draw parallels with human experiences.

Book Cover - A Fox Called Herbert
Publication Date
April 2020