Free To Be Me reading guide 2021: accessible edition

The Free To Be Me reading guide celebrates diversity, representation and inclusion in books for children and young people aged 0–18, to ensure equity and visibility, so that all children can see themselves reflected and celebrated in the books they read and in the stories and images they hear and see and are offered equality of participation in all aspects of their cultural lives. In the Free To Be Me reading guide you will find over 360 carefully selected books broken down by age, and each with a ‘read also', a suggestion of another excellent title to read.

"We hope that this collection of truly excellent books helps to facilitate conversations and develop young people's values, attitudes and knowledge, better equipping them to fully participate in and help to mould and build a more equitable society, ensuring that all children and their families feel welcomed, valued, celebrated and respected."

We want to support and encourage the potential of all children and young people in Ireland to learn about and better understand the richness and beauty of difference, and to know and understand their responsibility to protect each other's right to be different and to live free from discrimination.

Every child has the right to be free to be themselves.

Cover illustration by Ashwin Chacko

Reviews Editors:

  • Vita Coleman
  • Ruth Concannon
  • Emily Daly
  • Claire M. Dunne
  • Anne Gannon
  • Becky Long
  • Síne Quinn
  • Juliette Saumande



To download a database of the books available in this guide, with added information about available accessible editions and other language editions please click here

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Arts Council’s Equality, Human Rights and Diversity Policy and Strategy

Equal Status Acts 2000–2018