Furious Thing

‘Stories are about transformation, about starting as one thing and ending as another. And in the middle, when you don’t know what’s going to happen, all you have is hope.’

Written in a compelling first-person narrative, Furious Thing is a coming-of-age story with a timely message. The struggles of main character Lexi with school and exam pressure will feel familiar to most readers. However, it is the slow realisation that she is stuck in a harrowing world of controlling and manipulative nonphysical domestic abuse that stays with you afterwards. Convincingly portrayed, this is a window into a world that is all too familiar to many. It is also a reinforcement of the positive message that things can change. In this case, Lexi has two main weapons to use in her battle. The first, her own anger and intellect. The second, the fairy-tale role models she uses to push herself forward (characters who, like her, have to earn their ‘happily ever after’). At its core, this book is about how ‘a healthy girl should be furious because the world is an unfair place’. That anger is a shield without which a girl’s sense of self can be whittled away. My only criticism is technical (video editing, as done by one of the characters, takes more time in real life). Overall, this is an emotional fourth book from award-winning author Jenny Downham that is hard to put down and feels like essential reading for young adults today.

Book Cover - Furious Thing
Publication Date
November 2019