Gaia: Goddess of the Earth

The story of Gaia is the story of how things came to be. Gaia made the delicately balanced world and mothered the confident gods. She struggles to protect the goodness of the world from the damaging arrogance of the Titans and Olympians. But even she is not perfect: she gets caught in her own frustration, makes mistakes, and causes harm when she had good intentions at heart. But more importantly, she learns from her mistakes, adapts and grows.

The tongue-in-cheek humour of the Fates, who narrate the story, makes the language modern and relatable. The dynamic illustrations and clever use of page layout make for a playful read. The morality of the book feels sincere and unforced, that we must all band together to make the world a better place. However, for a book that emphasises inclusivity, it seems a shame that male characters only appear as part of the problem; it would be nice for a boy reading to feel he could be part of the solution.


Gaia: Goddess of the Earth lends new meaning to old legends, and is a wonderful introduction to Greek culture for young readers. It weaves many myths into one narrative, showing the significance of our actions and their effects. It invites readers to invest in stories not just as entertainment, but as a chance to learn; giving them a sense of power and responsibility in the world they live in.

Book cover - Gaia Goddess Of The Earth
Publication Date
April 2022