It is apparent within the first few chapters of Phillip Womack’s new novel, that the author is heavily inspired by classic gothic and fantasy literature and word of mouth style ghost stories. However, Womack puts his own modern fantastical twist on it.

The main protagonist Meg Lewis, is moving with her family from the hustle and bustle of London city to ‘Mud Cottage’ in the English countryside. There are many questions surrounding her new home, puzzling Meg. For example, a vixen that she kept seeing back in her old life, seems to have followed her to Shamley, but for what purpose? Not to mention, the ever-pressing wonder over her father, whom mum says abandoned them and can’t be contacted.

The plot picks up pace whilst Meg settles into her new home. Immersed in magic and mystery, Meg happens upon buried treasure that has the power to communicate with a young boy, Jankin, who is desperate to escape the place where he has been imprisoned for five hundred years. Womack skilfully blends exposition with excitement here and the reader will be left eagerly anticipating what is next after each page.

The novel’s predecessor, Wildlord, does not need to be read in order to enjoy this wonderful adventure.

Book Cover - Ghostlord
Publication Date
May 2023