Meet Gigantic: the smallest whale in the big blue sea. He gets teased by his brother for not living up to his name, but Gigantic doesn’t let it get him down. Instead, he gets busy having fun and making friends with some unlikely, and altogether tinier, creatures.

As luck would have it, big bully brother Titan finds himself in quite the pickle one day, after an attempt to outshine Gigantic proves disastrous. It takes Gigantic’s generous spirit, quick thinking, and huge network of small sealife to rescue Titan and bring balance back to the bay. After all, the most miniscule among us can have the biggest hearts. And isn’t that what really matters?

Biddulph’s illustrations bring the sea to life in technicolor: mulberry skies, deep teal waters, and a rainbow of raindrops and seaweed make for a beautiful home for our hero, Gigantic. Double-page spreads explode with sea urchins, hermit crabs, octopi, and every tropical fish you can imagine – perfect for little ones to play their own game of ‘finding Nemo’! In a time when biodiversity and the health of our oceans are at risk, this is a gorgeous introduction to the importance of life under the sea, emphasising how precious it is without any scary imagery that might bring on nightmares.

Keep an eye out for the fun little easter eggs listed at the bottom of the copyright/dedication page – a great way to bring new excitement to one of the many re-reads your child will undoubtedly insist upon!

Book Cover - Gigantic
Publication Date
September 2023