Girl, Goddess, Queen

An unflinching feminist retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, this is a complex story of love and duty, that challenges its readers. When Persephone runs away to the Underworld to escape an arranged marriage, the infamous ruler Hades is forced to give her refuge. Soon, a tentative friendship forms between them — one that ignites a chain of events that will alter the world entirely.

At the heart of this retelling are the expectations put on boys and girls by a society that refuses to let them stray outside their roles. The novel asks why can’t girls be ambitious, and boys be gentle? Added to that is the mother-daughter relationship with the weight of balancing what Persephone’s mother wants for her, and what she wants for herself. Through the complexity of their relationship, we see the pain that comes from growing up and questioning the ones you love.

Yet, for all its serious themes, the novel is also full of wit and charm. The conversations between Hades and Persephone are a wonderful mix of hilarious, honest, and achingly real. Their slow burn romance captures all the joy and anxiety of falling in love with a best friend with their developing intimacy both beautifully and sensitively written. With memorable yet nuanced characters, and plenty of lighter moments, this is a timeless story updated for a modern audience.

Book Cover - Girl, Goddess, Queen
Publication Date
July 2023