The Girl Who Fell to Earth

In The Girl Who Fell to Earth, Patricia Forde has created a brilliant, fast paced story about self-discovery in a way that is accessible for younger readers. Aria has grown up on planet Terros, and all her life she has been taught to despise humans. When Aria learns more about herself and begins to question the lessons of her upbringing, and the mission to destroy planet Earth goes wrong, Aria finds herself in more danger than ever before.

A marvellous introduction to the thrilling genre of science-fiction, this book brings important topics to the table in a very straightforward way. A compelling page turner, at its core this is a coming of age story, ideal for preteens who are beginning to form their own opinions about different issues in the world.

Forde’s book stands out as it is action packed and highly cinematic in tone. Every page sends the imagination whirling, but its more advanced concepts definitely makes it a book for older readers who want to get their fill of some more challenging themes. For the adventure lovers, the action lovers, and for those who want to dive into sci-fi, this is a must read!

About the Author
Headshot of Patricia Forde
Patricia Forde lives in Galway, in the west of Ireland. She writes both middle grade fiction and picture books. She has also written four plays, as well as several television drama series for children and teenagers. In 2017 her first novel, The List, was published by Sourcebooks. Patricia Forde is represented by the Anne Clarke Literary Agency. ​ In another life, she was a primary school teacher
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Book Cover - The Girl Who Fell to Earth
Publication Date
June 2023