How do you go on living when the best and worst things that could possibly happen to you occur only days apart? On the same week that her family wins the lottery, Harper loses her twin sister to a battle with anorexia. In the face of this cruel twist of fate, she seeks a fresh start from her grief at an élite Scottish boarding school, Duncraggan Castle.

Made whole once more by her best friends, Rowan, Ama and Lily, Harper attempts to come to terms with her guilt surrounding her sister’s death. But when her good deed of taking new girl Kirsty under her wing turns sour, Harper’s life comes apart, leaving her questioning whom she can really trust and, more importantly, what Kirsty is really hiding.

Perfect for thriller fans who always wanted to go to Malory Towers, Clarke’s novel is an homage to all things Enid Blyton, with a gripping modern edge. The evocation of an all-girls school and the social complexities that result from this add a Mean Girls twist to this psychological thriller. Featuring excellent diversity in terms of race and sexuality, Clarke’s vibrancy and variation of characterisation are the beating heart of this story, with readers sure to find a character they can relate to. However, Kirsty is the true star, the embodiment of the nice, shy girl who has a sinister secret to hide. Sure to keep readers guessing and certain to make for an exceptional summer read.

Book Cover - Girlhood
Publication Date
May 2017