Go On, The Girls in Green!

An ever-growing sport that is booming in Ireland, this book is a very well pieced together story examining the growth of Irish Women’s soccer, hitting every note well.

Starting with a timeline of women’s soccer in Ireland, this book explores just how much the sport has come on in recent history. From women’s leagues being disbanded, to qualifying for their first World Cup ever, while now also receiving equal pay to the Irish men’s soccer team, capturing just how quickly things can change.

The book, while mainly focusing on the current women’s team who qualified for the Women’s World Cup under Vera Pauw, still manages to incorporate some of the trailblazers of women’s football in Ireland, such as Paula Gorham and Linda Gorman, both of whom are part of the Football Association of Ireland Hall of Fame. And more than likely some players destined for the Hall of Fame in the future, like Arsenal’s Katie McCabe and Birmingham City’s Louise Quinn. In addition to this, through the breakdown of the current Ireland squad from 2023, the reader is left in no doubt that there is a core of experienced players on the Irish team with a good balance of younger players ready to step up and take the mantle when their time comes.

The book is full of fun facts and tips for anyone looking to get up to speed with the Irish Women’s soccer team before they take off and kick on even more!

Book Cover - Go On, The Girls in Green!
Publication Date
September 2023