Good News: Why the World is Not as Bad as You Think

Very often, we are drawn not towards the uplifting and positive stories in the media but to the news that scares us and often make us feel anxious. Early in this informative text we learn that historically, humans were hardwired to focus upon and remember what’s dangerous as this made us more alert to danger. Unfortunately, this trait also means that bad news is what we remember most easily so it’s not uncommon to feel like there is no good news. However, the author soon convinces us that this isn’t the case at all.

Instead of focusing on all the current tales of doom and gloom and portents of disaster, we are brought on a journey of exploration that introduces us to the fantastic social, environmental, and medical developments that never make the headlines. Short snippets of inspiration pepper the book such as that of the young twelve-year-old trailblazer Lesein Mutunkei from Kenya who came up with the fantastic idea that you plant a tree every time you score a goal!

Although a lot is packed into this book, it is presented in a way that is accessible and attention-grabbing with punchy graphics that break up the text. Reassuringly for an information book that teaches us how to spot fake news, it is extremely well-referenced so any curious minds can check up on the reliability of quotations or delve further into the topics discussed.
A welcome tonic to those sick of reading about pandemics!

Book Cover - Good News: Why the World is Not as Bas as You Think
Publication Date
June 2021