Good Reads Before Goodnights reading guide 2021

Published in partnership with An Post, Good Reads Before Goodnights is a reading guide that highlights the best bedtime books for children and their families. Produced as part of a wider campaign to promote reading as part of everyday activities by encouraging families to read and share a book at bedtime, the books in this guide are suitable for children aged 0–12.

"Each stage in your child's life passes quickly. Different books will suit each stage in their development and their interests. A regular bedtime-story routine will help make books a central part of your child's life. Children who have been read to at bedtime from an early age tend to love books and are more likely to become life-long readers."

This is an A5 booklet featuring 96 reviews. Alongside the reviews highlighting great bedtime reads, there are top tips for encouraging reading in the home especially at bedtime. Reviews of Irish artists and publications are notated with a shamrock.

Cover illustration by Mark Conlan courtesy of An Post #ReadersWanted campaign

Reviews Editors:

  • Jenny Murray
  • Claire M. Dunne