Gotta Go!

This story follows young Owen as he embarks to Grampa’s, but too fascinated by the ‘doinks’ and ‘splats’ of his tablet, he ignores his mother’s incessant questions about using the bathroom before departing. Whilst in the car however, that all too familiar feeling strikes him. His eyes turn yellow before he exclaims to Mum that he’s ‘gotta go!’ Soon, Mum is teaching Owen how to distract his desperate-for-the-loo mind by thinking of other things, and he makes it just in time to hurry up the stairs, before we are given a close-up of his face as he lets out an ‘Ahhh…’

Grampa confides in Owen the real reason older people wake up so early- because they must pee, and he shows Owen the thing that helps him best when nature calls – dancing! Together they do the ‘tinkle twist,’ the ‘wee-wee walk,’ ‘the pee-pee hop,’ and more to ward away that urgent feeling. A liberating and vibrant way to highlight how no one ever outgrows needing to go.

The illustrations are appropriately golden, interesting, and endlessly unique, with each page having plenty to explore and enjoy. Silhouettes and side profiles are common, and the comic-book style panels lend a wonderfully animated feel. Gotta Go! is truly a joy to read and will have you smiling with every turn. There is a silliness and lightness that emanates from every page, and it is sure to have you, and the little ones laughing.

Book Cover - Gotta Go!
Publication Date
September 2023
Age range