Grandpa Frank's Great Big Bucket List

This poignant and moving tale from author Jenny Pearson shows us the importance of family relationships and the virtue of perseverance. When Frank Davenport learns he is the sole beneficiary of his Grandma Nora’s vast inheritance, his mind is filled with the possibilities the cash might provide him with. However, upon learning that he must use this money to look after his estranged grandad (Frank Davenport Senior Senior) who lives in a nursing home, he quickly decides to carry out his Grandma Nora’s wish.

This is a story of a remarkable young boy who is determined to help his grandad, even if his parents believe the inheritance should be theirs. Equal parts emotional and funny, Frank’s determination to give his Grandpa Frank a good quality of life bridges the generational gap these characters must work through and helps restore a relationship damaged by time.

A diverse cast of memorable characters prevent this story from becoming a tale of misery. While Frank’s grandfather’s situation is depressing, some of the characters in the nursing home lift the story and provide many laughs. Overall, this is a heart-warming and charming tale of triumph over adversity and a look at what it really means to be part of a family.