Grimwood is a beautifully touching yet brilliantly silly comedy about family, friendship and home. Nancy and her little brother Ted are fox cubs who live in the Big City. When they find themselves in a spot of bother with the local cat gang leader Princess Buttons, they need to find somewhere safe to escape to. Luckily for them a super-duper rat with a map helps them out and they find themselves in a forest called Grimwood. It is an unusual but wonderful place and the inhabitants are ones you won’t easily forget!

When the fox cubs need help, the animals join together to save them in the most bonkers of ways. They have found a place where the locals help each other out, where Ted makes a friend and where you can be yourself, however weird and wonderful you are, but is it home?

Nadia Shireen finds the perfect balance between sweet and zany in this fun-filled adventure. The illustrations compliment the silliness perfectly. Grimwood is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers young and old alike.

Book Cover - Grimwood
Publication Date
September 2021