Happytown Must be Destroyed

Leeza is a regular schoolgirl in the regular town of Owt. She’s plagued by allergies (hence her nickname, Sneezer), indecision and feelings of inadequacy. NOT exactly the type of person you want to have to depend on to save the world. But one Monday morning she wakes up to find that everyone in Owt is HAPPY. This happiness, strangely enough, manifests itself in a desire to exercise and eat healthily, which in the case of Leeza’s couch potato parents (and most of the townspeople to be honest) is highly unusual! Something suspicious is going on …

Whatever is causing this transformation, Leeza seems to be immune and so it’s left to her to figure out what’s behind it and save her family, friends, teachers and the whole town.

Happytown Must Be Destroyed is another madcap adventure from award-winning children’s author James Harris and fans of his first book The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory are bound to enjoy this one too. The cast of characters is a motley crew and includes secret agents disguised as ice-cream men (don’t ask – I read the book and I still don’t really understand what was going on!). It’s plenty of silly fun with some disgusting snot-type substances thrown in and I think it will be a huge hit with children who love that type of thing!

Happytown Must be Destroyed Cover Image
Publication Date
April 2022