The Harp of Power

Is there any better book combination of Irish mythology, folklore, and magic? If you are a fan of both, then The Harp of Power is for you! This is a follow up to Dunne’s first book The Book of Secrets following Cat who loves magic and has The Sight.

Cat has a new neighbour Dr Becca Ryan a witch with pink spiky hair and a familiar called Vinnie who is a stoat. Cat gets to know and like Dr Becca and wants to learn all the ways of the witching world from her; now she finally feels she has someone understands her sight, or does she?

While Cat and her friend Shane are spending time with Dr Becca, Cat starts to notice a shadow skulking in the background. Dr Becca begins to tell her of the story of an ancient harp so powerful that it could change people’s minds. Cat can suddenly feel a change coming over her own mind driving her to set off on a quest to the island of Hy-Brasil, where the harp was last sighted, and not return until she has the harp in her hand.

Can Cat locate the harp of power and return it to its rightful owner? Follow Cat and her best friend Shane as they find themselves in a wolf village, with beasts that walk as men, demons, and magic. This is the Irish equivalent of Harry Potter with all the wonderful combinations of old myths and folk legends. It is a book for igniting a child’s love of our Irish folktales.

Book Cover - The Harp of Power
Publication Date
October 2023