The Hazel Wood

With the film rights already sold, hype is building around Melissa
Albert’s début and for good reason. Fairy-tale fans, take note:
this will be one you won’t want to miss. Alice and her mother,
Ella, have spent their whole lives running away from the bad luck
associated with her mysterious grandmother Althea Proserpine,
an enigmatic author who lives a solitary existence in the Hazel
Wood. With Althea’s death comes a small respite of normalcy that
is shattered when Ella suddenly vanishes, leaving behind only the
chilling message ‘Stay away from the Hazel Wood.'

Racing against time to solve the mysteries of her past and rescue her mother, Alice attempts to unravel Althea’s famous stories Tales of the Hinterland in order to make her way to the mysterious Hazel Wood. But what happens when the fantasy world of Althea’s dark fairy tales begins to bleed into real life? What did Althea sacrifice in the name of her art? And most importantly, what is the real reason Alice has been running her whole life? In this darkly woven story of sinister fairytales, Albert succeeds in creating a narrative that is both nightmarish and poetic. With a host of unforgettable, creepy characters, this tale combines the chaos of Alice in Wonderland with the darkness of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Filled with magic, murder and mesmerisingly eerie stories, these fairy tales are not traditional in the slightest. This is a page-turner that almost makes you afraid to turn the page and is sure to be a stand-out tale of 2018.

Book Cover - The Hazel Wood
Publication Date
February 2018