Hello, Rain!

This illustrated celebration of rain from the mind of Kyo Maclear and the paintbrush of Chris Turnham will make readers of all ages excited for the next day filled with puddles and raindrops, and knowing Ireland there’s definitely one just around the corner. Don your wellies and get out your brightest umbrella for a tale that proves that every cloud, even a raincloud, truly has a silver lining.

Readers will find a sense of exuberance in the pages of Hello, Rain! This colourful picturebook is filled with a lyrical prose that allows readers a singing optimism that will brighten even the greyest day. There is a gentle joy in the text that feels like it mimics the drops of rain that visit many of the pages. Our brave protagonists cherish the adventure in the rain and take us on a journey that shows the benefits of a rainy day for both people and the natural world that surrounds us.

Turnham’s illustrations are deceptively simple, incorporating the themes and shapes of Maclear’s words in an exquisite manner. By doing so, each page is in itself a beautiful work of art, featuring a colour palette filled with a freshness that might just remind you of that feeling after it rains.

After reading Hello, Rain! children and adults will be excited for the freedom that comes with a day out in the rain. It is a book that reminds us that, even if something feels like it has gone wrong, there is still happiness and excitement to be found, no matter the weather.

Book Cover - Hello, Rain!
Publication Date
April 2021