Hello Summer

This is the third in the series Best Friends with Big Feelings, soon to be followed by Hello Winter. Summer is finally here, and the Little Seasons hand of the Weather Crown has changed to Summer. The four best friends are making their way to the beach to have some fun in the sun, but things start to go wrong. The ants ruin their picnic, their ball pops on a branch, and a great big wave heads straight for their giant sandcastle! When nothing goes his way, Summer gets hot and bothered. Will Autumn, Winter and Spring be able to help him to feel better and enjoy summertime?

A beautiful story about little people managing big emotions; the main feelings focused on in this picturebook are anger and frustration and the story succeeds in demonstrating age-appropriate self-regulation. Summer finds counting to three very helpful to calm down and enjoy playing in the sun. His friends show compassion and patience throughout the story, encouraging him and supporting him when he struggles.

The summer theme is wonderfully described with excellent vocabulary, alliteration, and enchanting pictures. As the friends travel to the beach, a variety of magnificent settings are shown. One of my favourite aspects was the map included to follow their journey. This is a beautiful picture-book to explore the theme of the seasons, and in particular summer as well as processing emotions for younger readers.

Book Cover - Hello Summer
Publication Date
June 2023