Here Comes Lolo

Lolo is a happy little girl who lives with her mother and grandmother (Gogo) in South Africa. Lolo’s mischievous and lively nature ensures she has many adventures as she skips through life, home and school leaving a trail of laughter, a few frowns and a lot of warmth and love along the way.

Here Comes Lolo is the first in a new series from award-winning writer and illustrator Niki Daly. Containing four easy-to-read stories, this book and its companion title, Hooray for Lolo, aim to portray school, home and street life in contemporary South Africa.

The stories are perfectly pitched as first readers for children moving on from picturebooks to independent reading and the short, simple, effective stories are thoroughly relatable in theme – Lolo gets a gold star at school for reading, finds a missing ring and helps to rescue an abused dog.

The South African setting and cultural details running through the stories add interest and diversity to Lolo’s tales, giving the reader an insight into a different society while all the time reflecting the common universal threads of family, friends and neighbours.

Lolo is above all else a kind and thoughtful girl, and her good instincts come to the fore in each of the tales making her a wonderful role model and lovely literary companion for beginner readers. The inky black and white illustrations enhance the warmth of the stories and its main characters. Here Comes Lolo is a delight from start to finish and serves as a wonderful introduction to Lolo and her world.

Book Cover - Here Comes Lolo
Publication Date
August 2019