A History of Art in 21 Cats

From Ancient Egyptian art to the Renaissance to Graffiti, this book covers a wide range of artistic styles through a quirky (cat’s) eye. The introduction to each movement tells the tail (pun intended) of that artistic style and gives some context. Each section is detailed, exploring symbols, meaning, frames and colours.

At times the feline connections are stretched a bit, but it is a fun framework for exploring art. Readers will get more from the book as they become familiar with the artworks it mentions, and will understand more of the jokes made in the illustrations. Older readers will enjoy these also!

Nia Gould’s illustrations mirror the artistic styles, and the cover design is fun and inviting. The images are bold and bright, and manage to keep a distinctive overall look while exploring different artistic techniques. The design inside is excellent, making the book accessible and fun to read. The Feline Timeline at the end of the book provides a useful overview of some of the major movements in Western Art. Ending the book with Young British Artists makes it very current, and helps demystify contemporary art for young (and older!) readers.

Whether you are only dipping your paw into the world of art or you know every artistic cat-egory, there is something to enjoy in this book. Purr-fect for cat lovers and arty readers alike!

Book Cover - A History of Art in 21 Cats
Publication Date
February 2019