Home Is Where The Hive Is

Beatrice is a brave bee on a mission to find a new home for her hive in a city where looming skyscrapers and apartment blocks have suddenly become her neighbours. Mineker’s clever use of colour introduces us to a gloomy man-made world which feels disconnected from nature, but Beatrice discovers it doesn’t always have to be so!

Heading away from the hive might be scary for her sisters, but Beatrice is a great problem solver. This book offers gentle encouragement to be brave and persevere in a tricky situation and brings a sense of optimism to the topic of climate change that is often overwhelming for young and old alike. Winslow builds our knowledge of the fascinating life of bees, even describing what all the different flowers might taste like for the bees on their travels. It is always lovely to see a book set in a diverse, inclusive world, and Mineker does this really well as Beatrice sees people of all sorts connecting with nature in the city.

This book also touches lightly on the theme of change and moving homes, reminding us that different environments can be awesome. Winslow offers great tips on how us humans can create vibrant colourful cities where nature and human life can thrive in harmony and maybe even welcome some friendly bees like Beatrice. A great read.

Book cover - Illustrated by Vivian Mineker
Publication Date
April 2022