The Horror of Dunwick Farm

Our story opens with friends Krish, Pete, and Nancy attempting to focus on a biology lesson when an unusual incident disrupts their class and sets off a chain of events that catapult our protagonists to the epicentre of a gripping adventure. Hopping onto their bikes, and speeding through the sleepy village of Crooked Oak, our three heroes are about to become embroiled in a mystery worthy of their favourite website, the Mystery Shed, a source for strange and unexplained events. Faced with a daunting task of utmost importance, the young detectives must get to work!

The text in this book is well-spaced out in short paragraphs and chapters, making it easy to read. Smith’s grasp of dynamic dialogue between young friends, and the contemporary inclusion of elements such as recording using smartphones, will make this engaging and relatable for young readers today. Within all the fun and adventure are some more serious themes; educational lessons in the world of biology, the animal world, and scientific research, and moral lessons of courage, of facing our fears to help others, and questions about whether the ends justify the means. This ensures this book will be an enjoyable and engaging read but will also provide a starting point for further discussion at home.

This will be a very fun, exciting, and gripping read, although certain parts could be a little scary for younger readers.