The Horse, the Stars and the Road

It’s show and tell at school, and every student is excited to introduce their friends to their favourite object from home. Well, everyone except Sonny, who isn’t really sure he has anything that interesting to bring to class. It is only in the horse-drawn wagon with his uncle Jim, on the way to the horse fair, that Sonny realizes the wealth of traditions in his community: from ancestral tin-smithing knowledge passed down through generations, to the beautiful stories shared around the fire camp while looking at the intricate patterns of constellations.

There is so much Sonny is now eager to share with his friends about the Traveller community, including the carousel his uncle crafted for him. Lucy Kelly-Desmond’s illustrations beautifully accompany this heart-warming tale about identity: realistic and detailed, the pencil drawings also convey a sense of magic and wonder, which particularly shines in the fire-lit camp scenes.

Through Sonny’s embracing of his Irish Traveller background, this picture book offers a powerful message about the importance of roots, tradition and community, and deals in an accessible way with complex topics such as identity. 

The Horse, the stars and the road - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022